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May 22


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"Levi, where are we going?" You curiously ask, following the man. Today marked the third year you had both been dating.

"Quiet. We'll be there soon." He mumbled, grabbing your wrist a bit tighter and dragging you along. You let out a small groan, but comply. After a few minutes of walking through the forest, (which was hard considering you were wearing a dress), the clearing looked marvelous. A sparkling and lively lake glimmered brightly, and the trees swayed ever so gently. The feeling of spring clouded your senses, as you delicately stroked a blooming flowered that grew from the ground.

"This is beautiful." You whisper, your face igniting in a bright smile. Levi's expression softened when he turned to see you, and moved his hand from your wrist to your own hand. You were surprised when Levi's battle worn fingers interlaced together.

"Come on." He ushered, as he began walking towards a hill. You followed, noting the soft looking blanket that was on the ground. You both sat down next to each other, your head placed on his shoulder. Levi softly sighed, as he wrapped his arm around your waist. The sun began to set, the wall not being there to fully block its beautiful effect. The orange, red, reflected into the clouds, as it did to the lake beneath you both. The birds lightly chirped, the season that their offspring would come was here.

"Thank you for bringing me hear. It's lovely." You say, dreamily staring off into the scenery. Levi pressed a chaste kiss to your temple.

"I knew Spring was your favorite season, and this place is a great reminder it is indeed that time of year." Levi said, his grip on your waist tightening a bit.

"You know... I'm sure they'd be happy." You comment. Levi raised an eyebrow at your comment. You begin to blush, wondering if you should approach the topic.

"I mean, Petra, Oluo, Gunther, and Eld." You say. Levi nods his head.

"Yeah. We have so much more exploring to do though." Levi says.

"Armin's in charge of that though. Did you see his face when Erwin said he'd be leading the charge to the ocean?" You say, chuckling a bit. It was true. Armin's blue eyes lit up, his expression one of confusion and utter glee.

"He looked like a kid in a candy shop." Levi added, making you laugh even more.

"So Levi." You say, nervously biting your lip.

"Why do you love me?" You blurt out. Levi looks at you, his eyes penetrating your soul.

"Why do I love you?" He repeats, and you nod.

"Because I do." Levi says, and you pout.

"Too vague." You say, and he lightly chuckles.

"Well, how about I list five reasons?" You nod again, listening eagerly.


"Your idiotic bravery."

"(Last Name)! Don't engage!" Corporal Levi yells, but it was too late as you charge into battle. You jump up, dodging a titan that had eagerly attempted to bite you. You grit your teeth as debris from the titan's attack hits your body, but ignore the initial pain. Readying your gear, you latch onto the titans nape, and manage to evade another attack. This time the hand stays where it had smashed for a moment, and you take the opportunity to go forward.

"I got you now, bastard!" You yell, slicing deeply into the nape. You hear a scream, and look over to see a comrade in the clutches of a titan. You once again begin running forward, and as you jump, use your gear to fly towards the arm full speed, slicing through the titan's hand.

"Stay there, I'll take care of this." You tell the man, before running behind the titan that was currently looking at it’s steaming arm. Once again using your gear to go forward,  and slice the nape before it can regenerate it’s hand. You saw a black horse with a certain man on it charging straight towards you. Corporal's cold glare sliced through your soul.

"I told you not to engage, you idiot." He said, and you just look at your slightly steaming blade handles.

"Sorry sir." You apologize, and he rolls his eyes.

"Come on, we've been ordered to retreat." He says, and you whistle for your horse to come to you.

"What am I going to do with her?" Levi mutters to his horse.


"How you express so much passion."

"Anyone who joins the Survey Corps is clearly wanting a death wish." A merchant accuses, looking at the faces of the returned soldiers in disgust. You glare at them, before your eyes begin scanning for Levi. You feel yourself relax as you notice him there, expression stone cold as usual.

"They're of no use to us. All they do is go out and die." Another one says. You look down at your hands, which were shaking. You tried to calm yourself. The Survey Corps had just returned from another failed expedition, which you couldn't go on since you were injured.

"I would say there's more food for us, but considering they fatten up their soldiers, that isn't the case." A short man with a round belly says.

"Be quiet, you merchants dogs." You hiss at them, and their attention turns to you.

"Oh? What're you going to do? Slice me up? Take my taxes?" One says, gasping in fake surprise. Your eyes darken, and you grab one by the collar.

"No. But I can implant a message into your head you'll never forget." You say, and his eyes widen in fear.

"Don't, they're not worth the trouble." A familiar voice says from behind. You sigh, moving your hand away from the persons collar, who falls to the ground. You rub your hand on your jacket, disgusted. You turn around to see Levi in his uniform. He begins walking, and you follow behind him.

"Like they know what it's like on the battlefield." You say quietly, looking at your feet, which traveled towards the Head Quarters. You heard a small scoff in front of you.

"I don't think I'll live to see the day where those pigs would do anything but worry about themselves." Levi says, and you silently agree with him.

"I know you have good intentions, but threatening citizens won't exactly do anything." Levi continues on to say.

"Sorry." You mumble, eyes looking over to the trees beginning to bloom.


"The way you think."

"Levi, Levi!" You happily cried out, flowers in your hand. You opened the office door to his office, and then close it.

"What is it?" He asks, continuing to do his paperwork. You let out a dreamy sigh, sitting on his couch.

"I found these flowers, and Armin's book says that they're called Scilla flowers." You say, looking down at the flowers. The innermost part of the flower was a stark white, while the outer tips were a bluish purple.

"Those things are going to track pollen in my office." He says, but you ignore him. As you continue staring at the entrancing plant, Levi stealthily steals a look at you. Every spring you'd always go out and pick the prettiest flowers you could find. It honestly amused him. He noticed your facial expression, and knew what it was. Whenever you were thinking you'd always make that expression. His curiosity got the better of him as he pried himself from his work, and took a seat next to you.

"What are you thinking?" He asks, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You smile at him.

"Well, every Winter, it's so bitter and cold. Just like the titans. But, even with the Winter, there's always a promise of Spring after it. This flower is the first I could find of the new season. It just gives me hope, that maybe like the Winter, there's going to be a Spring for us. When we defeat the titans." You say, Levi just chuckles, which makes your face flush.

"You're so strange." Your cheeks begin heating up even more.

"H-Hey! I was being deep, you jerk." You mumble, and this causes him to laugh even more. He presses a small kiss onto your pouting lips.

"I think you're right though." Levi says once he settles down. You raise an eyebrow at him.

"You're my Spring. My hope." Levi whispers into your ear, making your cooled down cheeks begin reddening again. But he wasn't lying when he said you were his hope.


"How determined you are, even if pushed away."

"Levi, please, just give me a chance to-" The door was slammed in front of you, making you flinch.

"Go away." His voice croaks.

"Levi." You say in a soft a loving voice. A stifled sob could be heard.

"I don't want to hear anything from you right now." Levi says through his door. Your eyes glaze over with frustration and worry. Damn that jerk from earlier for kissing you! Of course, Levi just ever so happened to walk by, and while you finally managed to push the asshole off, Levi was gone. He stormed off to his office. You were not planning on leaving him to be miserable.

"Levi, you know I love you very much." You say, but don't hear anything in response.

"I love you, I love you, I love you." You repeat strongly.

"Even if you don't return that feeling, I would never stop loving you. Not now, not ever. You're my everything, and you always have been. That jerk forced himself upon me." You continue saying.

"You know I'd never leave you. Please just-" You were once again cut off as the door opened, revealing the man that you loved so much. He engulfed you into a hug, not willing to let you go, and you hug him back too. He closes the door to his office behind him, and you both just embrace each other. You whispered loving things into his ear that reassured him.

"I'm sorry for not hearing you out." He says, and you kiss his forehead.

"It's fine. What matters is that we made up, right?" You say.

"Tch. I am going to beat that idiot to no tomorrow." He utters, and you can't help but lightly smile. How you loved this man so much was indescribable.


"And finally, your hope."

"There are a few more coming!" Jean screeches out, blades drawn like the rest of Squad Levi's. Luckily there had been no casualties for the squad thus far.

"Three more. Three more titans, until they're all gone." You say, and Jean nods. Levi positions himself.

"I'll take the aberrant. Jean, Mikasa, take the 4 meter class. Sasha, tend to Connie's wounds. Eren, Armin, stay with Historia. (Name), take the 3 meter class." Levi says, and you all salute before heading off to your jobs. You scowl as you look at your target. You ready your blades in your hands, and jump to the right. The titan goes to reach out for you. Your plan worked. Using your gear, your wires hit the tree to your left. Moving towards the tree, the titan is caught off guard for mere seconds. Taking your chance, you go for the neck.

"I got mine." You say, as the steaming corpse falls onto the ground. The blood that had managed its way onto your cloak began evaporating too. You regrouped with your squad.

"We'll wait for further orders. For now, stay here." Levi said, a small smile taking place as he walks towards your cheering form. Levi wraps his arms around your waist, and you close your eyes. Levi rarely displayed affection in front of other's, but he could care less at the moment. You had won. You felt a poking on your left ear, and something sliding into place. You open your eyes, and see Levi's eyes staring into yours. It was a Scilla flower that he placed.

"It suits you." He says, and you smile at him.

"You know what time of year it is?" You question, a cheeky smile on your face. He rolls his eyes.

"Spring. I guess you were right about that after all, brat." He says.

"Well, I didn't exactly say the titans would fall during Spring, it was more of a metaphor." You say. He placed his lips on yours, and you both kiss for a few seconds before pulling back.

"We'll save that for later." Levi says, making your cheeks flush. Oh how that smug little jerk loved getting you flustered. A messenger on horseback rode up.

"We're going to start building a small camp. Go in this direction when your squad is ready." He said, before riding off into said direction.

"Okay, everyone untether your horses." Levi commands, and you all do as followed.

"I knew my hope wasn't wasted." You say with a small smile.


"Who knew you're the romantic type?" You wondered out loud, earning an elbow to the stomach from Levi. He just finished listing the five things he loved most about you.

"Whatever." He scoffed. You sighed, taking in the scenery once more.

"How did you find this place?" You asked.

"...I use to come here when I was a criminal." Levi said.

"How the tides of turned." You say, a grin on your face. Levi flicked your nose, and stood up. He offered you a hand which you took. His hand never left yours, as you both wondered down the small hill. The sunset went by faster then you wished. Levi suddenly stopped, and you looked over to see what was wrong. He inhaled sharply, and removed his hand from your grasp.

"Levi, are you feeling okay?" He ignores you. But then, he gets down on one knee, bringing a small box out and opening it.

"I'm not good at these types of things, brat. But, I do know that I love you a lot. Even though you're not good at cleaning, and have a tendency to-" You pouted, joyful tears in your eyes. He smirked, but continued on.

"I love you very much. Would you spend the rest of your life with me, (Full Name)?" Levi says, and you squeal happily.

"Of course! Yes yes yes and yes!" You say, and Levi shoots up, his arms around your waist. He presses his lips feverishly against yours, the urgency slightly catching you off guard. You cup his face, and kiss him back. His tongue sneaks into your mouth as he presses his own against yours. After a while, he pulls back, forehead against yours. Levi couldn't help himself from smiling.

"Spring's my favorite season now, too." He murmured, before swooping in for another kiss.
This is an entry for the Spring contest. I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you guys like it. 

I don't own you, or attack on titan.
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"You know... I'm sure they'd be happy." You comment. Levi raised an eyebrow at your comment. You begin to blush, wondering if you should approach the topic.

 Am I....PREGGERS? No matter, I'm getting married anyways. Levi is such a cutie~ Now we get to be together forever and eve- (gets beach slapped by Levi fangirls) O-ow. This story is so cute I'm crying. theslapreallyhurttootho.
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